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Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Many people don’t know that tree removal is extremely dangerous. Not only can falling limbs and trees endanger your home, vehicles, and property, but improperly removed trees can also injure or kill someone.  We see so many DIY tree removal projects that end up create more expenses than hiring a team to remove the tree professionally in the first place!

Most homeowners are unaware of the physics of tree removal and have very little understanding of the safety precautions needed to avoid the dangers of tree removal. Without experience, it can be difficult to assess the actual weight of large tree limbs and the severity of the damage they can cause when they fall. It is remarkably easy to misjudge the length of a tree or limb, resulting in devastating damage to buildings or cars, or, God forbid, a person.

It is not uncommon for a tree to splinter and break in odd ways that you might not expect. As professionals, we have learned how and where to begin cutting the tree to make dropping it as safe as possible. Our experienced crew can remove larger branches safely from the top down, and then take pieces of the tree down as they move down the tree. This prevents the tree from damaging other trees and landscaping on your property and minimizes the chances of a tree breaking in a weird spot that can injure you or shoot off toward your home.

We typically suggest homeowners create a list of the trees they would like trimmed or removed and allow us to assess your needs. Our professional crew can often handle typical requests in one day. We can prune or trim branches from your trees the same day that we remove one tree, saving you time and possibly even expense. In addition to safely removing a tree, we can also discuss the disposal of the resulting limbs and wood so that you don’t have to store it on your property.

Is the expense of potentially destroying your home or seriously injuring someone worth the savings of not hiring a professional tree removal service in the first place? Over the years, we have found that it is almost always cheaper (and exponentially safer) to hire a professional to make sure the job is done safely. Let our arborist visit your property and give you an estimate – you may be surprised how inexpensive it can be to stay safe!