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End of Summer Tree Care Tips

As summer comes to a close, our trees can benefit more than ever from a little extra care. Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to have your trees inspected by an arborist. Summer storms, insects, dry spells, and diseases can all take their toll on your trees, and a professional can help you spot and treat any problems before they cause permanent damage.

Give your trees a drink. The weather can get very dry throughout the summer, but we often don’t notice the dryness as much as the weather starts to cool off. Our trees definitely do notice, however, and can benefit greatly from a little extra water. Note wilting trees or branches without leaves that are a sure sign of drought. Water your trees early in the morning and avoid watering during the hottest part of the day. The soil around your tree should be damp up to about 8 inches of depth. Poke the soil with a stick and check to see if your tree has been properly watered.

Prevent insect infestation and disease. Your professional arborist will check your trees for insect damage and infestation. The hot dry months of summer encourage insects to nest in your trees. The arborist will take note of any diseased or infested branches and remove them to avoid damage to the tree and prevent falling tree limbs during storms.

Prune and prepare. This is the perfect time to prepare trees for cold, dry weather. Dead branches should be removed, as well as weak branches. Summer growth adds a lot of weight to tree branches, and this is a good time to determine which branches are unable to carry their burden, making them vulnerable to wind and weather. Your arborist can safely determine which branches need to be removed to protect the health of the entire tree and can remove them safely.

Mulch for protection. Mulching the base of your tree can serve several functions as the weather changes. In addition to preserving moisture in the roots, mulch can protect the roots as the weather cools, giving your tree a natural transition to the colder temperatures. Mulch will protect your tree roots from unexpectedly hot days, too.

A professional arborist can help you prepare for winter and ensure that your trees will stay healthy and safe through the winter months. Proper preparation will also help your trees to come back strong in the spring. Call RW Morris today to schedule an inspection for your trees today.