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Make a Plan to Prevent Disaster

We often meet our customers during a weather emergency, and they are always grateful to see us. But wouldn’t it be nice if you never had a disaster that resulted in the need for tree removal? The clients who have stayed with us know that prevention is the key to a safe and attractive yard (and they are much happier to see us when we aren’t removing a tree from their roof). So what can you do to prevent a tree damage emergency?

Tree damage is more than just costly and inconvenient – it can destroy irreplaceable values and even cause injury or death. Often the biggest threats to our homes and our yards are branches we don’t even notice that are hanging over us every day. In many cases, the damage we see to roofs and sheds is the result of a dead branch being blow loose in a storm, are a diseased tree top that gives way in the wind. With proper tree trimming and pruning, you can remove threatening limbs and keep your trees from becoming diseased. Regular pruning and maintenance can prevent infestations the can destroy the stability of a tree, making it more likely to fall. Furthermore, identifying and removing insects that could migrate to your home can prevent costly and sometimes irreparable damage from termites and other pests.

prevent tree damageVirginia is a naturally forested area. This means that if we don’t cultivate fields and yards, trees and shrubs would take over the land and the area would be heavily forested. What this means to you is that there may be trees in your hard that you did not plant and may be undesirable or even destructive on your property. Trees with roots that could put pressure on your home’s foundation can cause expensive damage and even leaks in your home. Trees that hang over your roof or rub against sheds will increase the amount of destructive algae that grows in those areas and can steadily do damage from contact with structures. Other trees may have shallow roots and heavy tops from their attempts to get more sun, making them dangerous threats.

tree removalRemoving trees that are problematic before major storms or frost periods can protect your home from damage and even save your life. Your yard and home will be much safer if you have your trees assessed and determine which trees are beneficial and should be maintained and which trees are too dangerous to preserve. Proper removal of the tree and its root structure are key: roots and stumps can continue to grow after the tree has been removed, creating a nuisance and even damaging walkways and foundations. Consider grinding your stumps as well to avoid a large hole as the stump decays.

If you do have an emergency, call your insurance agent immediately. Be careful not to touch any downed wires and be careful not to get cut or hurt if you decide to inspect the damage. R.W. Morris is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should have you have a tree down and need to have it removed immediately, and we will be ready to help you get your yard back in order as soon as possible.

Maintain your trees as you would your lawn. The care you put into your trees today could prevent or minimize damage from storms and unhealthy trees, allowing you to enjoy your property with peace of mind. If you are ready to make a plan to prevent tree damage, contact us to get started!