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Summer Tree Care in Charlottesville by RW Morris

Summer Tree Care

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy your trees! With very little maintenance, they add beauty to your yard and provide welcome shade from the hot summer sun. Most trees require very little maintenance during the summer months, but a little extra care will keep them healthy throughout the year and prevent damage from storms. Follow these guidelines to protect your trees and your property:

Inspect your property. Take a walk around your landscape and take note of the condition of your trees. Dead branches, brown leaves, cracked limbs, and trunks that are losing their bark are all signs that a tree is suffering. If you notice that your trees aren’t healthy, contact an arborist to look at your trees and help you determine whether a tree is diseased or suffering from conditions like blight or insect infestation.

Prune where necessary. In general, tree trimming is best done in spring or fall when the tree is dormant, but removing dead, diseased, or broken limbs from trees can help keep the tree healthy and prevent storm damage year-round. Blight and disease should be removed before they can spread to the rest of the tree. An arborist can help you determine whether or not a tree needs to be pruned and help you do it safely.

Hydrate and protect the soil. Summer heat can prevent trees from getting enough water, but so can poor soil quality. Aerating your soil and adding high-quality soil can help your trees thrive during the hot dry months and improve root quality so that trees are less likely to fall due to wind and storms. Mulching around the base of your trees will help the roots retain moisture, improve soil quality, and help to stabilize temperatures.

Cabling and bracing can prevent damage. Young trees and top-heavy trees with shallow root structures can suffer from storms that will blow them over and destroy their roots. Likewise, limbs on your trees can be potential threats to your home or vehicles. Cabling and bracing help these trees to survive wind and heavy rain so that they can continue to grow and produce stronger roots, and allows you to avoid damage from falling branches. Cabling can also prevent summer leaf drops that occur with certain types of trees. Consult your arborist to determine which trees on your property might benefit from cabling or bracing.

Contact RW Morris to help inspect your trees and make a plan to keep them healthy, beautiful, and safe through the summer! We are proud to help you take care of your trees.