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The Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

The way you care for your trees will determine their shape, strength, and longevity. A tree that is trimmed and cared for can add beauty to your landscape and protect your home from damage. Tree trimming can also be difficult and dangerous and can damage the tree and affect its growth, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are several types of tree trimming:

Pruning Dead Branches
Removing dead, diseased, or dying branches can prevent damage to your home when they fall off the tree. Pruning diseased branches also stops the disease from spreading to the whole tree.

Thinning the Crown
Many trees have weak branches in the canopy that decrease airflow and light penetration and hinder a tree’s growth. Thinning is a delicate operation – removing too many branches from the center of the crown can affect the tree’s overall structure.

Lifting the Crown
The lower branches of the tree can also be removed to help clear sidewalks, roads, and protect your home. Lifting is also a difficult procedure and should be undertaken with care to avoid adversely affecting the tree.

Crown Reduction
Crown reduction actually decreases the overall height of the tree and is sometimes recommended for immature trees. Terminal branches are removed in order to preserve the main limb. When done properly, crown reduction helps a young tree to stay healthy.

Pollarding begins when a tree is very young and should be done regularly during the tree’s lifespan to maintain the shape and health of the tree.

Tree Pruning and Trimming with RW MorrisRegular trimming and maintenance of your trees improves their overall health and beauty and can provide a variety of benefits:

  • – Increase exposure to sunlight
  • – Counteract root loss to provide stability
  • – Detect and address diseases before they spread
  • – Encourage growth and nutrient uptake
  • – Improve the overall appearance of the tree
  • – Avoid damage from dead or diseased branches
  • – Add value to your property and landscape

Tree trimming and pruning are very important, but it also requires expertise and equipment that many homeowners don’t have. RW Morris offers professional Tree Trimming and can assess your landscape and help you manage your trees safely, without the possible damage to your person or property that self-trimming can cause. Call us today!