We Specialize in Large Tree Removal!


We take great pride in our relationships with our customers. Many of them have been kind enough to tell us how much they love our work! Read a few of their testimonials below:

“We have lived in our home for nearly 20 years, and one of our favorite oaks had begun to decline. It was literally RIGHT in front of our house, right in our view and dangerous to our home. We have lived here long enough to have some very nice mature plantings in addition to some complicated decking and a chain link fence, so the working space was trick and we didn’t want to be left with a mess. They surgically removed the tree and you can barely tell that a giant dead oak had been taken down in front of our house! We decided to let the stump remain, and they trimmed it so close to the ground and so level that it looks like a decorative table. RW also helped us to determine which other trees were threatening our house and removed those – all we had to do was watch as they did an excellent job. We’re so happy with the results!”

- Denbyshire (Greene County)